Hallå! That means “Hello” in Swedish — the birthplace of Not Your Typical Kitsch’s founder, Christina Ingemansdotter.

Upon turning 18, Christina decided to leave her beloved motherland to chase her wanderlust around the globe. Even though she became a U.S. citizen, she still yearned to stay connected to her Swedish roots and share her Swedish pride with her new countrymen. Sadly, all she found were cheesy, predictable T-shirts that looked as though they came from an airport store. What she wanted was apparel that made an artistic and fashionable statement — designs that would spark conversation, showcase her origins, and inspire others to travel.

After speaking with other expats from all over the world (who also didn’t want to wear lame Eiffel Tower T-shirts from Paris or Viking hoodies from Norway), she realized people were craving sophisticated apparel that highlights original, country-specific artwork — and Not Your Typical Kitsch was born.

“Even though I chose to leave, I still miss my home and my family,” says Christina. “My heart and soul is Swedish, and so I like to share my passion about my roots with others. I want them to understand what I miss and love about my origins. We expats always seem to become more passionate once we leave our countries. One of the easiest ways to convey a statement of pride is through something tangible — something others can see, ask questions about, and hopefully experience themselves. Not Your Typical Kitsch scratches that itch.”

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Our Customers
Our high-quality products were lovingly created for:
Expats who love and miss their home countries;
Travelers who repeatedly visit the same destinations because it feels like a second home;
Tourists who want to commemorate their travels in a more stylish and refined way; and
Fashionistas who are looking for trendy ways to express themselves.

If you have any product suggestions or design ideas, we’d LOVE to hear them! Just shoot us an email with your feedback at sales@notyourtypicalkitsch.com.

In the meantime, we are busy planning an expansion on our current line of apparel, and will be adding home décor items soon. Please check back often for our newest products, or sign up for our e-newsletter and we’ll send notifications directly to your inbox (plus you’ll be the first to know about our specials and discounts!).